Nile – Length: 6,650 kilometers

Flowing through Egypt, Sudan, and Uganda, the Nile is the longest river globally.

Yangtze River – Length: 6,300 kilometers

Located in China, the Yangtze River is the longestt river in Asia.

Mississippi River– Length: 6,275 kilometers

Flowing through the United States, the Mississippi River is a prominent waterway that has played a crucial role in American history and commerce.

Yenisei-Angara  River Length:  5,539 kilometers

Flowing through Russia, the Yenisei-Angara system comprises the Yenisei and Angara rivers.

Yellow River – Length: 5,464 kilometers

Known as the “Cradle of Chinese Civilization,” the Yellow River has played a significant role in shaping Chinese history and culture.

Ob-Irtysh River – Length: 5,410 kilometers

The Ob-Irtysh system, which encompasses the Ob and Irtysh rivers, flows through Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.

Parana-Paraguay – Length: 4,880 kilometers

The Parana and Paraguay rivers form a significant river system in South America, flowing through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.

Congo River – Length: 4,700 kilometers

The Congo River, flowing through the Democratic Republic of Congo, is the second-largest river globally by discharge.

Amur-Heilong – Length: 4,444 kilometers

Forming a natural border between China and Russia, the Amur-Heilong River boasts rich biodiversity and diverse landscapes.

Amazon River – Length: 6,400 kilometers

The Amazon River traverses through Brazil, Peru, and Colombia, making it the largest river by discharge.